Check out the various packages offered below that are available for members of all ages and abilities to sign up for during the season!
*ALL programs are a available on a first come, first serve basis so don't miss your chance to participate!*



Private Swim Lessons

Build and refine your skills you already have or learn new ones with this one-on-one lesson package. Lessons can be signed up for swimmers age 1+, and goes for 30-minutes. 3 times a week for 2 weeks.

*Register in advance to secure your spot*



Boot Camp

Build some low impact, cardio into your week with our 45-minute, group aqua-aerobics style class to get and keep in-shape this summer!



*Register in advance to secure your spot*


Fun in the Sun

A free group activities program that is led by our lifeguard staff during each swim session MON - FRI to help foster friendships in a positive, safe manner.


*No advance reservation needed*



Already doing laps on your own? Record how many you do at the check-in desk with our FREE fitness challenge that runs the entire summer. See if you can get 20-miles done by the end of the summer for a surprise prize!

*Ask to sign up at the check-in desk*



This two (2) week, one (1) hour a day program is designed to teach you how to take care of a mermaid tail, and learn and practice swimming safely while your legs are bound together in a tail. At the end of the class there will be a "Graduation" Day where the students will either perform tricks for their parents or complete in a competition to see who has truley mastered their skills and claim the crown. Class offering(s) strictly depend on the number of people who wish to participate as classes max out at five (5) people, but must have a minimum of three (3) people in order for calss to be held.

Are you interested? Email us at and let us know how many people would want to take the class and their age(s).


In order to maintain the safety of our members and instructors during all programs, if you have a child under the age of 8 accompanying parent/guardian please be prepared to get in the water and participate if needed during the lesson.

Not Seeing the Program for You?

If you are looking for something outside of our basic lesson programs, we want to hear from you! Let's work together to create a custom lesson package that meets your swimming skills and goals!