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Old Trail Cup
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Old Trail Cup

2022 Old Trail Cup

The 2022 Old Trail Cup will be a season-long two-person match play net competition that will conclude by crowning champions in late September. 

Conditions of the Competition:
Each team is required to sign up by April 1, 2022 by email, call or in-person to the professional staff.  Qualifying rounds will take place in the month of April. Qualifying rounds are to be scheduled on your own. Each team is required to notify a professional or the golf shop before playing their qualifying round so that we can provide your team with a scorecard with accurate handicaps and stroke allotments.  A qualifying round will consist of 18 consecutive holes. Your round must be marked by at least one other player in addition to the team.  The team will be allowed to qualify only once throughout the month of April. Each team must play from the appropriate tees (ALL competitors will play the course as a PAR 72) during the qualifying round and turn their signed scorecard into a professional or the golf shop once the round is complete. 

After the qualifying round, twenty-four teams will be split up into six groups. Each group of 4 teams will play Round Robin matches within the group. Each match is worth 3 points (1 point for the front, 1 point for the back & 1 point for the total). The team who earns the highest number of points during the Round Robin stage will move on to the quarterfinals with the top two point earners of group play moving on to the semi-finals. The four remaining teams that won their group will compete in the quarterfinals to earn their way into the semifinals. 

Match #1: Team 1 vs Team 4; Team 2 vs Team 3
Match #2: Team 1 vs Team 3; Team 2 vs Team 4
Match #3: Team 1 vs Team 2; Team 3 vs Team 4

The golf professional staff will update the results after each round and post in the golf shop. 

Old Trail Member or Guest with current USGA handicap as of April 1, 2021. 

Mens Net & Womens Net 

Tees of Play: 
Mens Net 59 & under – White Tee Markers
Mens Net 60 & over - Gray Tee Markers 
Womens Net – Red Tee Markers

The qualifying round will be team NET better ball (appropriate handicaps apply). Once the match play portion of the competition starts each round will be played under the four-ball match play format. (Four-ball consists of two teams of two players competing directly against each other. All four competitors play their own ball throughout the round; each hole is won by the team whose member has the lowest score).  If a team fails to play against their competitors within the match deadlines, that team will forfeit their match. The golf professional reserves the right to extend the round or disqualify a team. All matches, other than the qualifying round, will be played at 85% of each team member's individual handicap stroked off the low ball of the foursome.

Qualifying – April 1 – April 30

Round Robin Matches 1-3 – May 1 – July 15

Quarterfinals – July 15 - 31

Semifinals – August 1 - 15

Finals – Must be completed by September 30th 

All play will be governed under the USGA Rules of Golf.   If you, your team or your group is in doubt of how to proceed under the rules, please play two balls and alert the golf professional after the completion of your match. For fairness and equality as it pertains to hole #11, the tournament committee has decided to play #11 as a Par 4 for all teeing areas. It is the recommendation by the Virginia State Golf Association and the United States Golf Association that in competition style formats, no one team will play any hole as a different Par than their competitors. As it pertains to the handicapping of individual holes under the provision above, Hole # 11 will be handicapped as 3, Hole #14 as 7 & #16 as 5 for the gray tees during the competition. 

Tie Breakers: If the match is tied after 18 holes, the two teams will play as many holes as it takes to determine a winner. The match will continue starting on Hole #1. (in the event that two teams are tied after the round robin group stage of the event, those two teams would play a 9 hole sudden death match to determine the winner of the group) 

The winning team will be presented with the Old Trail Cup champions trophy. 1st and 2nd place finishers will receive prizes. 

Tournament Fees:
Unlimited Members - $35 entry fee plus appropriate cart fees (if riding) 
Flex Members - $35 entry fee plus $25 per person for every round played
Guests - $150 entry fee plus $25 per person for every round played 

Questions? Call 434-823-8101 or email headpro@oldtrailclub.com.

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