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Golf Course Tour in Crozet, VA

  • Golf Course Landscape with Lush Greenery in Crozet, VA

    Hole #1 

    This is a great opening hole with a gentle sloping dog leg from right to left. A demanding first tee shot to get your round started but you will be rewarded with your opening drive in the fairway. Big hitters will have a chance to reach the green in two shots but beware of the green that slopes away from the player. For most players the second shot is crucial to hitting the green in regulation. Plan to add an extra 10 yards to your second shot so that you can be sure to set up your third shot to come directly into the green. Those coming up short left will still have to deal with the green sloping away from them. After a precisely placed second shot, knock your third on the green and sink the birdie putt. 

    • Beautifully Landscaped Golf Course Field in Crozet, VA

      Hole #2 

      Classic uphill Par 3 that plays anywhere from 147 yards to 225 yards. A beautiful hole that lends itself well to even the most novice of players. 
      Pro Tip: Always take an extra club as the increased elevation can rob you of the extra distance that's needed to hit the green in regulation. 

      • Rolling Hills of a Manicured Golf Course in Crozet, VA

        Hole #3 

        Number 3 is one of the most scenic holes at Old Trail Golf Club. All you have to do is look up to see the expansive view of the Blue Ridge Mountains. 
        This Par 5 will test the longest of hitters. A monster measuring 624 yards, hitting this in two is a feat to remember! 
        A drive down the middle will be an advantage to any golfer that plays this hole. Take in the views on the second shot, but be sure to hit the next one in the fairway to set up the crucial third shot. A fairly easy approach should set you up to hit the green in regulation. At this point, calculated yardage is a must as we often have 10-15 feet of release. 
        Pro Tip: Take an extra club on the second shot to ensure a straight-on approach. 

        • Expansive Fairway Under Clear Blue Skies in Crozet, VA

          Hole #4  

          A welcome relief from the opening holes at Old Trail Golf Club. This 389-yard par 4 gently doglegs to the left. Your aim point for your drive will be slightly right of the bunker that guards against players trying to bite off too much. The fairway is more generous than it may seem from the tee box, so even a tee shot missed to the right will likely still hit the fairway. 
          Hole #4 also has one of the most undulated greens on the course. The green has a ridge running through the middle. The front half of the green is elevated towards the player, while the back half is elevated away. Keep this in mind as you approach the second shot. A miss club long will surely cost you a chance at birdie. 
          Pro Tip: Play a little extra break on your putts. This green can fool you! 

          • Scenic View of Golf Course Surrounded by Trees in Crozet, VA

            Hole #5 

            This 370-yard sharp right dog leg is our quintessential risk-reward hole. Looking at the tee shot poses only one question: How much of the dogleg can I cut off? Those daring enough to try and carry the pond that guards the dogleg will be rewarded with a short approach to an elevated green. 
            The green is small, fairly flat, and receptive, giving the golfer a great chance at birdie from anywhere on the putting surface. 
            Pro Tip: Don't cut off too much. The rough is thick just beyond the pond. If there is wind hurting, play conservatively down the left. 

            • Scenic Panorama of a Well-Maintained Green Goulf Field in Crozet, VA

              Hole #6 

              This 334-yard Par 4 is right out in front of the golfer. Avoid the bunker in the middle of the fairway, approximately 270 yards away from the teeing grounds. Big hitters should go left or right of the bunker to utilize the generous fairways. 
              The green is a classic turtle shell in undulation. Very spherical in shape with the opportunity for many different and challenging pin positions! 
              Pro Tip: Put a premium on hitting the fairway on your tee shot to set up for a short second. 

              • Serene View of a Tranquil Golf Course in Crozet, VA

                Hole #7 

                Stretched at 208 yards, Number 7 is our 10th handicap hole. The focal point of your demanding tee shot will be the lush pines off the back of the green. Members say, "keep inside the pines for a chance at birdie." 
                Pro Tip: Err to the right, as the rough can be daunting on the left. Getting up and down from the left will surely be a challenge for the best of players. 

                • Golfer Making a Perfect Shot on Manicured Green Field in Crozet, VA

                  Hole #8 

                  This is one of our staff favorites- a gentle dog leg left Par 5 measuring 515 yards from the tips allows for legitimate scoring chances. From the tee shot, the player can't help but notice the wispy native grass that lines the left side of this hole that will remind them of a Scottish links course. 
                  A good drive will set the player up with two options: Go for it in two or play for position leading up the third shot. Either will lend itself to a well-deserved birdie or EAGLE! 
                  We hope you enjoy this hole as much as we do. 
                  Pro Tip: The primary defense of hole #8 is the bunkers. Avoid the bunkers and be rewarded. 

                  • Panoramic View of Lush Green Golf Course in Crozet, VA

                    Hole #9  

                    Number 9 is one of 5 Par 3's at Old Trail Golf Club. This hole boasts elevated tee boxes to approach the most sloped and undulated two-tier green on the course. We love this hole because the yardage can vary from 185 to 120 because of how deep the green is. 
                    One distinct feature of Number 9 is the severe slope from back to front. Be sure to take enough club to reach a back pin and avoid the balls spinning back off the center ridge. 
                    Pro Tip: Don't let the elevation change deceive you; this hole plays to the yardage on the scorecard. 

                    • Championship Golf Course with Challenging Layout in Crozet, VA

                      Hole #10  

                      After making the turn to your inward 9, the player faces another Par 5. This 493-yard hole has to start with a well-placed drive. 
                      The second shot requires a decision: Go for it in two or lay up to your favorite yardage. Pro Tip: Lay up on the second shot because the fairway narrows to meet a small creek that guards the approach to the green. Any missed shot will likely end up in the penalty area. 
                      Either decision will bring you to a relatively flat, straightforward green. Don't overthink the break. Visualize the putt and make the birdie! 

                        Hole # 11  

                        Affectionately known as Old Trail Golf Club’s signature hole. It's a gorgeous 427-yard dogleg left Par 4 carved out of the surrounding forest. 
                        The golfer will notice a gently sloping fairway from right to left. Our zoysia fairways only complement the beauty of this hole. 
                        The tee shot is the key to a great score on Hole 11. A bad tee shot will leave the player with a lengthy second shot. 
                        A well-placed drive will leave the player with a demanding uphill second shot into an undulated green that slopes from back to front. Don't forget to notice the three bunkers guarding the left front of the green before you pull the trigger. 
                        Hitting the green in regulation will give the player an advantage. Not many make birdies on Number 11 but finding the putting surface in two improves the odds. Be confident, roll in the putt and soak in the view. 
                        Pro Tip: Hit one extra club into the green. It's more uphill than it looks.  

                          Hole #12 

                          Tipping out at 287 yards, Number 12 is the bomber’s delight. The chance to hit a Par 4 in one is any golfer's dream. Here's your opportunity! Although on the short side for a Par 4, its narrow tree-lined design demands an accurate tee shot, whether you're going for the green or not. The bail-out is right. The left will have you searching with the squirrels. 
                          The conservative play is a mid-iron off the tee. This will set the player up in an excellent spot to attack the pin on your approach. The green is relatively flat but runs slightly away from right to left. Once you are on the green, the pin will be accessible from most areas. Pay more attention to the pace of the putt rather than direction. 
                          Pro Tip: Remember to consider the slight elevation change from Tee box to Green. This hole plays more uphill than most think. 

                            Hole #13 

                            Number 13 has a simple but challenging design. This 177-yard Par 3 plays slightly uphill from all teeing grounds. 13 is deceivingly tricky. The green is long and somewhat narrow, making pin placement challenging to locate on the putting surface from your tee shot. There is typically a stiff wind helping or hurting, so proper club selection is a must. 
                            The player has plenty of room to miss short and right. A greenside bunker guards the left side of the putting surface. 
                            Pro Tip: Take an extra club to ensure you hit the green. Remember, this is one of the deepest greens on the course.

                              Hole #14  

                              Number 14 is a picturesque and playable 495-yard Par 5. The blue ridge mountains seem to follow this hole from tee box to green. An excellent birdie opportunity, the generous fairway can make most misses go away. 
                              A decent drive will leave the golfer with a great "go for it in two" scenario or a calculated second shot up the hill to set up a green in regulation. Either option is a good one. Just make sure to avoid the native heather grass. 
                              There are two large bunkers that protect the putting surface. These come into play if you leave your approach shot short. Most players will bail out left and leave a straight-on approach into the green, avoiding all penalty areas. 
                              The green is one of the largest on property. Once on the green, everything should break towards the mountains. Although the green may look flat, there are slight elevation changes and undulations. Don't overthink it; make the putt and soak in the mountain views. Good Luck! 
                              Pro Tip: This hole plays uphill quite a bit. Play one extra club if you're going for it in two. You also have generous landing areas if you happen to miss the green.  

                                Hole #15  

                                The last of our Par 3's at 136 yards. 
                                The player will have an elevated teeing ground to a slim, oblong green guarded by a bunker on the main approach. Some say this hole has similarities to the famed Augusta National Golf Club hole Number 12. 
                                The player should have the option to hit their tee shot beyond the hole location and spin the ball back. Make sure to consider that before choosing your club selection. 
                                Hole 15 will likely be the most playable of all the Par 3's, given its relatively short yardage and receptive green complex. 
                                Pro Tip: 15 plays substantially downhill. The player will be surprised by how much the ball carries. Take one club less than your stock 136 yardage. 

                                  Hole #16  

                                  An uphill Par 4 that stretches out to 433 yards from the tips and is our #5 handicap hole. The key to conquering 16 is a well-placed drive. The green is out of view from the tee box, so aim at the towering evergreens straight ahead. Be sure to avoid the deep bunker down the right side. 
                                  The second shot is very demanding. The green is deceiving, given the slight front-to-back slope. Pick your yardage to the middle of the green to be on the safe side. The hole is accessible from any location on the green, but a missed shot will leave the player with a pitch shot back up the hill. 
                                  Once the player is on the green, don't overthink the amount of break. The green is a classic turtle shell design. Most putts will break toward the mountains. A par on 16 is definitely an achievement! 
                                  Pro Tip: If you are between clubs, avoid going over, short is much better. This will allow for a relatively easy up and down instead of going long and over the green. 

                                    Hole #17 

                                    A demanding Par 4 measuring 390 yards uphill. We have recently added a new tee box to test even the best of players, increasing the distance to 435 yards. 
                                    The first obstacle is ensuring your drive clears the meandering natural brook that crosses number 17. Depending on the tee box of choice, the player will need a formidable drive ranging 200-240 yards to clear. 
                                    You'll have a left bailout on your drive, given that beautiful (but penal) douglas fir trees line the right side. 
                                    If you are lucky enough to find the fairway, the player will face a severe uphill shot to an elevated green. It's tough to see your landing zone. The best players will adjust their yardage and hit one more club, given the elevation change. 
                                    A bunker does guard the front right portion of the green. Another reason to make sure you take enough club to get to the hole. 
                                    One good thing is that the green surroundings are very generous, and a wayward second shot will lead to an excellent chance to get up and down. 
                                    Hole 17's green is one of our more undulated greens with atypical breaks. Take your time to look at the slope and break of your putt. 
                                    A par or less on 17 will gain a stroke on your playing competitors! Good luck! 
                                    Pro Tip: Aim at the evergreen tees up the left side of the fairway and try to fade your tee shot back to the fairway. This will ensure that you take the right side completely out of play.  

                                      Hole #18 

                                      A 430-yard Par 4. This hole will be a real skill test as you finish up your round at Old Trail Golf Club! 
                                      Some consider 18 to be one of our only true risk-reward holes. The player faces a decision: Either position themselves at the top of the hill, leaving a possible 200+ yard shot for their approach or Tee it high and let it fly. If the player decides to "let it fly," they face at least a 265-yard carry from the white tees to clear the ravine and the penalty area to a safe landing on the other side. Not to mention that the landing area for this shot is not visible from the tee box. 
                                      The conservative play to the fairway would be the suggestion, especially if this is your first time playing or score is the objective. 
                                      Once the player arrives at the top of the hill for their approach shot, nothing is in their way other than the yardage it will take to get that birdie putt. Typical yardage ranges from the fairway are 175 - 200 yards. Some say the beauty of Hole #18 is the challenge. If you must lay up from here, favor the left side because you will have a straight on pitch shot. 
                                      Once the player arrives on the putting surface, a noticeable hog's back dissects the green. Be confident in picking out your line and pace. Make the putt, and remember to relish the moment of tranquility as you look back on the Blue Ridge Mountains surrounded by our championship layout. 


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